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The Infernal Room

In an old house ...behind a marked door ...lies an Evil .....waiting to cross the gateway of hell into our world ....and escape The Infernal Room!

What should have been the party of a lifetime quickly becomes a fight for survival. When a group of party goers seek shelter from the storm outside they find themselves in the middle of strange and bizarre events. An Egyptian artifact calls out to one of them, and after a simple touch, frightening things begin to occur. They find that evil can lurk anywhere...take any form....and be just behind any door. When the Egyptian devil in female form is unleashed the survivors of her possessions and murders must fight to re-imprison her. But once broken free can the powerful "SET" be trapped again and returned to The Infernal Room.

The Infernal Room is a Horror/Thriller/Comedy in the style of Hitchcock does a Twilight Zone episode.The cast consists of Reality Television stars Paul Grassi (ABC's The Mole), Jason Prager (CW's Beauty & The Geek), and Billy Garcia (CBS' Survivor) who makes his directorial debut. Their characters on screen are similar to their portrayals on their respective shows.



Billy Garcia --------------- Bill
Rachel Rose Gilmour -- Greta
Paul Grassi ---------------- Paulie
Jason Prager ------------- Jay
Leah Bitar --------------- Ashley
April Starkweather ---- Sweetness
Guy Duquesnay -------- The Gaurdian
Ebru Yonak -------------- Set
Nunziatina Vitanza ---- Mischievous M
Yelena Sabel ----------- Claire
Keith Collins ----------- Officer Rodriguez
Diana Brunner --------- Officer Crowley
Tara Abate ------------- Edna Weatherbe
Tara Marie Haywood - Officer Radford
Puneet Prasad ----------- Brad
Patrick Craig ------------ Professor Longfellow
Arjenise Farreiras ----- Moochie
Joy Lewis ---------------- Preppy Grad Student
Francisco Nunez ------- Flask Dude
Tara Lamboy ----------- Flask Chick
Ian Stevens ------------ Emo Grad Student
Vinod Mohan ---------- Foreign Grad Student
Michelle Vidal -------- Girly Grad Student
Jeff Vitanza ------------ Professor at the Bar
Edward Grant --------- Grad Student Bar Tender
Michelle DuQuesnay - Cannibalism Grad Student
Ricky Telesca ---------- Jock Grad Student
Laurin Garcia ----------- Agatha

Stand in for Paul Grassi -- Jason Serrano

A Tribal Council Entertainment Production
in association with
Mad Panda Films llc

Executive Producer: Billy Garcia

Producers: Billy Garcia, Paul Grassi, Jason Prager

Associate Producers: Geraldine Winters, Adam Portnoff, Guy Duquesnay, Jason Serrano, Douglas Wolak, Levent Ozkurt, Harriet Libby Bitar & Leah Bitar

Director: Billy Garcia
Camera Operator: James Breen, Jason Serrano, and Guy Duquesnay
Assistant Director: Guy Duquesnay
Second Assistant Director: Jason Serrano
Boom Operator: Jason Wuenst, Jason Serrano, and Guy Duquesnay
Key Grip: Russell Freese
Script Supervisor: Jason Serrano, Guy Duquesnay, Ebru Yonak
Slate Operator: Jason Serrano and Billy Garcia

Production Assistants: Russell Freese, Diana Brunner, Caitlin Doris, Laurin Garcia, Ricky Telesca, and Jeff Vitanza

Screenplay: Gerldine Winters and Billy Garcia

Location Manager: Adam Portnoff (Glen Cove, Long Island), Harriet Libby Bitar and Leah Bitar (Southington Connecticut) and Levent Ozkurt (New York City)

Make Up Artists: Leah Bitar, Tara Abate and Caitlin Doris
Costumer: Laurin Garcia
Prop Master: Laurin Garcia
Special FX Artists: Caitlin Doris, Tara Abate, and Billy Garcia
Special FX Team: Leah Bitar, Laurin Garcia, Russell Freese, Guy Duquesnay, Diana Brunner, and Jason Serrano
CGI FX: Guy Duquesnay
Set Costume Designed by Laurin Garcia

Catering: Jason Prager and Billy Garcia
Drivers: Paul Grassi, Gregory Grassi, and Man With Van
Publicity: Keith Collins and Billy Garcia

Edited By Guy Duquesnay and Jason Serrano

Music Score Composed by David Bradley

Crimson Oath
By Billy Garcia
Performed by Forsakken

Accursed Angel
By Billy Garcia
Performed by Forsakken

Method To My Madness
By Billy Garcia
Performed by Forsakken

Filmed on location at: Glen Cove Mansion, Long Island, New York; Southington, Connecticut; New York, New York.

Filmed with: Panasonic AG-DVX100 and Fuji Film DVC

Special Thanks To:
Adam Portnoff and Glen Cove Mansion, Jeff Vitanza and Affordable Caterers, John Roberts and Bushwick Country Club, Fahimul Islam, Douglas Wolak, Adam Shaw, Harriet Libby Bitar, Kirk Bitar and Leah Bitar, Steven Pickett, Betsy Hijazi and, Roger Beane, June Sexton, John Presutti, Zunilda Sarete, Jim Teuschler, Virgilio Garcia Sr, Marina Mota, Hollywood Film Institute, Levent Ozkurt, Isaac Moore and Mariners Lodge No. 67 F.& A.M., Josh Potter and Halloween Adventure Superstore, Fangoria Magazine, Tommy Breen, Mark Burnett, Jeff Probst, David Burris, Ron Rad and The Rad Reality Show, B & H, LCD4Video, Robert and Philip Galinsky, Keith Collins, Gerldine Winters, and the Prager Family.


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